China detained 127 journalists in detention camps over reporting on sensitive issues

Beijing, China: China is in the news for a long time now, sometimes for its international issues and other times for violation of human rights in case of Uyghurs. This time China is in news because CCP is being scrict on the news distributers- The journalists. According to the without border journalists, there are 127 Chinese journalists in the detention camps. CCP is trying to control media in China.

According to the reports, there journalists have been detained because of reporting on “sensitive topics”.

The journalists have been detained for reporting and publishing content that has been deemed ‘sensitive’ by the ruling Chinese Communist Party. As informed by Reporters Without Borders, these journalists also include professional and non-professional media workers.

“At least 127 journalists (professional and non-professional) are currently detained by the regime,” Reporters Without Borders informed in a report, revealing the extent of the regime’s campaign of repression against the right to information.

“The simple act of investigating a “sensitive” topic or publishing censored information can result in years of detention in unsanitary prisons, where ill-treatment can lead to death,” the watchdog added in the report.

The RSF report has also revealed how journalists are being forced to become Chinese President Xi Jinping’s mouthpiece.

As per the report, in order to receive and renew their press cards, journalists will soon have to undergo a 90-hour annual training partly focusing on Xi Jinping’s “thought”.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has also unveiled a series of plans that are seen to further consolidate the CCP’s control over the media.

Beijing has been using media as an important tool for asserting power and enhancing its narrative in international discourse.

China has been bankrolling scholars, journalists, and experts abroad, censoring domestic media while keeping a tab on Chinese Diaspora abroad.

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