100 years of Chinese Communist Party: Newspapers criticized violation of Press Freedom

Copenhagen, Denmark: On the occasion of the 100 years of the Chinese Communist Party, many newspapers wrote whole editorial page criticising the attack on violation of press freedom which happened on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy.

In an open letter addressed to Chinese President Xi Jinping, the newspapers said: “Enough is enough. The world can no longer stand idly by as China gradually sucks the air out of freedom of the press in Hong Kong.”

Politiken in Denmark, Dagens Nyheter in Sweden, Helsingin Sanomat in Finland and Aftenposten in Norway dedicated their covers to a letter of protest against the Chinese authorities’ press censorship.

The letter comes days after Hong Kong’s pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily was forced to close when its assets were frozen under the National Security Law and some of its executives were arrested for a series of articles published there.

The editors-in-chief of the newspapers extended support to Apple Daily and other media outlets in Hong Kong that have been “robbed of the opportunity to provide unhindered and uncensored critical journalism on behalf of the public”.

“We protest against the Chinese rulers that like to portray themselves as a benevolent power. But there is nothing benevolent in a state attacking a free press. There is nothing noble in that,” the letter read.

The editors-in-chief said that as Beijing suppresses opposition and criticism, the spirit of resistance grows.

“On the contrary, we see the attacks on the free press as a sign of weakness. They reflect a government that in spite of great progress in many other areas in recent decades, can hardly believe that it exists for the benefit of the people. Otherwise, there would be no reason to suppress it,” the letter said.

“Therefore, it is time to change course. It is now – at the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party – that the People’s Republic of China must live up to its name as a republic for the people and not just for its rulers,” the letter read.

The CCP is celebrating its 100th anniversary. It was founded in July 1921, in a small room in Shanghai’s then French-controlled district, with a mere 13 people in attendance. Today, it has more than 95 million members, almost 7 per cent of the country’s population

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