145 Chinese internet starts banned from Sina

145 internet celebrities have been banned by Sina, a Twitter like website in China for sharing harmful content on social media about the sovereignty and territorial integrity.  

Sina Weibo has taken a series of measures to clean up the online community over the past week, including the banning and closing of accounts of users who published negative information on public affairs, the platform announced Monday.

The 145 banned accounts include an internet celebrity nicknamed “Yijinyexing Yan Gong Zi” who has been swirled in controversy for remarks on some hot topics, such as the sex scandal of Chinese-Canadian pop idol Kris Wu.

“Yijinyexing Yan Gong Zi” has a total of 5,201,686 followers on Weibo. She was banned on August 2 for voicing support for Kris Wu, who was recently arrested for alleged rape charges. 

A few well-known celebrities including screenwriter Liuliu and debater Ma Weiwei, who had defended Wu in 2016 when his misdeeds of sleeping with fans first surfaced, apologized for their behavior. Ma’s Weibo account has been suspended after Wu’s detention. 

Contents that oppose the basic principles established by the Constitution, endanger national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and divulge state secrets or harm national honor are considered as negative information on public affairs, Weibo stated, as well as those that instigate ethnic hatred and discrimination, insult and slander martyrs, and incite illegal gatherings. 

Weibo administration reminded all users including self-media platforms to abide by the regulations on internet information services, stating that producing, publishing or disseminating banned contents are strictly prohibited.


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