Chinese students facing US visa rejection

Beijing: Chinese students have been denied visa over the policies of then President Donald Trump.

Students argue it is applied too broadly and fume at what they say is an accusation they are spies, reports Associated Press.

Wang Ziwei, whose student visa was revoked on security grounds, told Associated Press: “The whole thing is nonsense.”

“What do we finance students have to do with the military?” he asked.

U.S. officials told AP they believe thousands of Chinese students and researchers participate in programs that encourage them to transfer medical, computer and other sensitive information to China.

Washington cites Beijing´s strategy of “civil-military fusion,” which it says treats private companies and universities as assets to develop Chinese military technology.

“Joint research institutions, academia and private firms are all being exploited to build the PLA´s future military systems – often without their knowledge or consent,” the State Department said in a 2020 report as quoted by AP.






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