China in process of making bio-database, US warns

Washington, US: Chinese government tis trying to make world’s largest data base by collecting genetic data from around the world.

The newspaper reported citing the National Counterintelligence and Security Center that there is a need to secure all the technology relating to bioeconomy that include artificial intelligence, quantum computing and semiconductors.

“China and other countries are trying to dominate these technologies, and are using both legal and illegal means to acquire American know how,” the newspaper quoted the acting director of the counterintelligence centre, Michael Orlando.

Elaborating on the usability of bioeconomic technology, the newspaper reported that AI and machine learning have the potential to “revolutionize” military operations. Besides, Quantum computing would enable countries to get past the strongest encryption existing in this world so far.

The national counterintelligence officer for emerging and disruptive technologies, Edward You said that China was accumulating genetic data including medical and health data from around the world, according to the NYT.

The newspaper further reported You as saying, citing its 2019 report on Chinese genetic tests on the Uyghur Muslims, a minority group in China, that China has had a history of “misusing” genetic data.

“They are developing the world’s largest bio database. Once they have access to your genetic data, it’s not something you can change like a pin code,” NYT quoted You as saying.

According to the newspaper, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and counterintelligence center have issued multiple warnings to the companies and universities against the repeated attempts by China to “steal” American technology. 






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