Protest has ignited over internet for curbing the lockdown as people hardly getting food and other essentials

Xi’an, China: According to the sources, the netizens of the Xi’an city are facing a lot of difficulty in lockdown as there is no availability of food and daily need items.

Despite many hashtags and posts on Weibo, Xi’an citizens are unable to buy groceries and other products for their daily needs, according to reliable data.

Further, during this round of lockdown, Xi’an citizens have come out and asked for help despite promise by various state organs.

Earlier, videos and pictures of disinfection teams operating on Xi’an’s street were circulated online after the anti-epidemic command of the Xi’an government announced that the mass disinfection had started on Sunday afternoon.

Many netizens said that disinfecting the entire city may lack scientific support and go against the anti-epidemic guidance by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which says disinfection should be confined to places where those with COVID-19 had visited.

Prior to the city-wide disinfection, the anti-epidemic command warned the public to close their windows, remove clothes from clotheslines, and avoid touching outer surfaces of buildings and plants.

Videos showed teams in Xi’an disinfecting streets around the Drum Tower, a landmark of the city.

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