Activities of Chinese agent in parliament suspected by UK Lawmakers

London, UK: “The Speaker takes the security of Members and the democratic process very seriously, which is why he issued this notice in consultation with the security services. There is no further comment on this matter,” she said in a statement.

Hoyle’s e-mail named London-based lawyer Christine Lee as the person who was allegedly engaged in political interference activities on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party (APPG), Sputnik reported.

In his letter, the Speaker said that Lee had contacted lawmakers and associated political entities, including the now disbanded Chinese in Britain All Party Parliamentary Group.

The alert notice was disclosed by Conservative lawmaker Ian Duncan Smith, who raising a point of order in the House of Commons said it was “a matter of grave concern.”

“Will this now lead to a serious overhaul of the accreditation procedures here in the House of Commons because it’s clearly too slack that these people get in – either in APPGs or with individuals,” Sputnik quoting him reported.

According to Sputnik, Home Minister Priti Patel admitted that it was “deeply concerning” that Lee has targeted lawmakers, but insisted that this development has come as a result of the “strong structures” the UK has put in place to identify foreign interference or any potential threats to “our democracy.”

She also announced that “forthcoming measures” to counter these kind of threats will build on the robust safeguards already in place, according to the news agency.






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