Shanghai Citizens Eat One Meal A Day Without Food

Shanghai residents are almost out of food and they are reeling under an acute food
crisis that makes their life miserable. They say that they “only eat one meal a day” and
“don’t know how to live until May” and some pregnant women are also starving,
crying desperately for help. The epidemic situation in the megacity is still
deteriorating, and the number of infected people is still high under the “zero”
lockdown dictate of the Chinese government.
In the tweet of the netizen “Big Ear Cat Girl”, on April 8, published
by, people from Shanghai made a voice on Weibo, all of which
mentioned that they can only eat one meal a day. “Idiot de Xiaochun’s Diary,” wrote:
“On the day I starve to death, I hope people who know me can send me a Weibo and
scold Shanghai, I am starving to death at any time now: anaemia + gastric ulcer + low
blood sugar + no I can’t eat anything + I can’t grab anything + I can’t see anything. I
have only eaten one meal or even a little bit a day for almost a month. I also eat a pack
of instant noodles in two days, not two meals. I have one pack of Yuanxiao, one pack
of dumplings, and a handful of coriander left. I don’t know how to live until May.
Maybe my birthday month is my starvation month. I hate the epidemic, I hate
Shanghai, so be it! If I starve to death, I will scold Shanghai this time”.
The tweet sparked heated discussions among netizens, “I will really cry when I see
this. My compatriots are living like ants.” “It has been three years since the epidemic,
and some people have died because of the epidemic. The funny thing is that this is not
poisoned by the virus. Those who died were forced to die by those who were locked
down and starved to death”. “People are starving to death, so what are we talking
about epidemics? The most basic survival instincts of life are gone, and living people
are suffocated by urine.”, “The brain-dead Communist Party So many people starved
to death during the Cultural Revolution, but in 2022 the IQ will still be maintained so
well”, “I would rather let vegetables and meat rot in the warehouse than rescue my
own people, but said shamelessly. What is ‘life first, people first’”.
In addition, what is even more tragic is a pregnant woman who is six months
pregnant. The family is about to run out of food, and she is infected with the virus
again. Her husband is forcibly isolated and has no way to ask for help.
Many netizens said angrily: “This situation is too cruel to a pregnant woman. The
virus is not terrible, fear, and helplessness, coupled with insufficient supplies, it is too
desperate. The one who caused this hellish scene should go to hell!”, ” The key point
is that the husband was taken away. This plot is too anti-intellectual.”, “The new
crown is nothing, and the long-term brainwashing propaganda is full of fear of this
disease, and I am alone, and despair can be imagined.”, “The clearing policy brings the
harm and disaster that comes are far greater than the new coronavirus!”
Guangzhou also fell
Meanwhile, after the Shanghai epidemic got out of control, Guangzhou, another major
city in China, has also implemented ” full screening ” due to the local epidemic.
According to a report from the China Health and Health Commission, Guangzhou
officials are facing a big enemy. The Guangzhou Municipal Government announced on
the evening of the 8th that it will carry out nucleic acid testing for all staff in Yuexiu
District and Baiyun district overnight and announced on the 9th that “graded and
classified control” will be implemented from now on, among which Baiyun district
will be implemented.
It is the key point of control. All restaurants in the region are prohibited from being
used inside, schools are suspended from school, and all closed or semi-closed places
are closed. Other areas are divided into closed control areas, control areas or
prevention areas. All 11 districts in the city are required to be screened, and in some
areas, “three inspections in seven days” (three inspections are required), and “you
can’t stay in the area”.
In other words, Guangzhou’s implementation of “graded and classified control”
means that the actions of the 18 million residents will be restricted to varying






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