Rinpoche’s Demise kept a secret, China’s felony exposed

For decades, China has tried to gain full power over Tibet and its people. Starting from
the illegal occupation of Tibet in the 1950s, the complete sinicization of Tibet has been
China’s main aim and the plan has been led through various means. Tibetans in Tibet
have and are living under the oppressive rule of the Chinese Communist Party. The lack
of human rights in Tibet has become a common issue and one that is not dealt fairly
with. China has already caused much harm to the Tibetan environment through their
excessive usage of resources; Tibetans are robbed off their livelihoods and their
freedom to practice their own religion, culture and tradition. The usage of one’s
language is also barred in Tibet since the Chinese language, policies and propaganda
are given more heed to. These issues have become fairly common but have failed to get
the attention and the action that they deserve. There are other concerns at hand now that
the Chinese government is trying to put their claims upon. They have constantly stuck
to their narrative of Tibet being a part of their own and through that they are trying to
gain control over other significant aspects of Tibet that they have no say over.
The Chinese Communist Party is hell bent over implying and stating that they have the
power to appoint the next reincarnation of the Dalai Lama. This is done solely for them
to gain full control over the religious aspect of the Tibetans, one that is highly deemed
and followed. The 11th Panchen Lama’s whereabouts are still unknown to the Tibetans
and it is a matter that is saddening and gruesome. Facts have been laid clear as to why
China would kidnap the Panchen Lama in the first place and to not reveal his current
status. The Chinese authorities even took the liberty to appoint the successor of the
Panchen Lama, Gyaltsen Norbu who apparently is kept under strict surveillance and is
made to hold teachings as per the Communist Party’s schemes. Tibetans in Tibet are
forced to attend these so called teachings for China to portray to the world that the
people of Tibet have accepted their appointed Panchen Lama. China’s forced claims
over these religious aspects are pathetic acts from their sides. They have already
destroyed numerous religious sites and relics in Tibet. Tibetan monastic institutions,
monasteries and nunneries have been forced to shut down and monks and nuns have
been forced to disrobe and live as commoners.
The recent news from Tibet that is saddening to witness and sparked much concern is
of the death of Choktrul Dawa Rinpoche. Choktrul Dawa Rinpoche was 86 years old
and he passed away in his residence in Lhasa, the capital city on 30th Jan, 2022. He is
later said tohave entered a state called thukdam, in which an accomplished meditator’s
consciousness is believed to remain in the body for a period of time. The Chinese
officials tried to keep Rinpoche’s demise a secret and posts regarding his death were
removed from all online platforms. There was strict warning given against the sharing
the news of his demise. Rinpoche was a senior teacher at the Ganden Dargyeling
Monastery in Nagchu country in the Tibetan Autonomous region. He was alsosentenced to 10 years in prison in the year 2010 for having a discussion with His
Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama regarding the affairs at his monastery. Even after
completing his sentence, he was always kept under the strict radar and was under the
constant scrutiny by the Chinese authorities. When Rinpoche’s thukdam ended on 13th
Jan, Chinese security officers were there to guard his residence and devotees were not
allowed to pay their respects or to get their final blessings. Only residents of Lhasa were
allowed to enter the house but the major number of devotees from his region was barred
from paying their final condolences.
His body was moved from Lhasa to the Ganden Dargyeling Monastery in Nagchu after
numerous appeals form Rinpoche’s students. Only a few Tibetans then again were
allowed to see him which led to a slight commotion amongst the Tibetans and the
Chinese police. His cremation took place with a few monks from his monastery who
were thoroughly searched before entering. Everything was done with such secrecy and
his devotees were not even given a glimpse before his cremation. This is a matter that
is extremely saddening and a strict example of the lack of religious rights in Tibet. It is
not the first time that China has attempted to hide a serious case as such. Tibetans in
Tibet have seen endless acts of injustice and the deaths and false conviction of many of
their brothers and sisters. Tibetans in exile have and are leading the freedom struggle
with much force and determination. News from Tibet is always heart wrenching for the
Tibetans to take in but the fact that it never seems to get attention or justice is even more
troublesome. China’s acts of secrecy itself reveals how their actions are ill deeds and
deeds not worth witnessing by the world. China not being held accountable for their
atrocious acts against Tibetans and the brutality imposed in Tibet stands against the
basic concept of humanity itself. How many more lives will be put at stake before justice
is finally served and the oppressors are punished for their endless offences?

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