China on the verge of dropping nuclear bomb on Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan: According to the war game exercise Taiwan, is the new hotspot of Ukraine Russia war and China is suspected to drop nuclear bomb if it invades in Taiwan.

The war game took into account the example of Russia’s failed invasion of Ukraine and was run by the Washington-based Center for a New American Security (CNAS), former Pentagon officials, US lawmakers, and the broadcaster NBC, reported Taiwan News.

The original premise of the operation was that China would try to achieve a swift decapitation of Taiwan’s leadership. In doing so, it would pre-emptively attack US bases in Japan and Guam.

The US would likely respond by hitting Chinese ports and mobilizing its allies, in the war-game scenario. This would lead to further escalation and China taking extreme measures, reported Taiwan News.

“Neither Beijing nor Washington is likely to have the upper hand after the first week of the conflict, suggesting that it would eventually become a protracted conflict,” NBC News cited CNAS experts as saying. “The war game demonstrated how quickly the conflict may escalate, with China and the United States crossing red lines.”

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