Protest by Uighur community in Vienna against Chinese atrocities

Vienna, Austria:

A demonstration was organized by the Uyghur community at Herbert-Von-Karajan-Platz, next to the State Opera House, in Vienna, Austria against Chinese atrocities in Xinjiang.

The protestors came together at the Herbert-Vo-Karajan-Platz against the Chinese atrocities. They carried posters with names of their relatives and family members who are imprisoned in Chinese ‘concentration camps’.

Human rights campaigners have been accusing the ruling Communist Party of China of committing widespread abuses in Xinjiang in the name of security, steps which include confining people to internment camps, forcibly separating families, and carrying out forced sterilization.

The protest was headed by the president of the Uyghur community, Mevlan Dilshat, in Austria. Approximately 25 people were present in the protest.

Mevlan Dilshat said that they need concrete political and economic sanctions on China, and the world community must take urgent action against China.

He added that due to international pressure, United Nations High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet was forced to apply for access to Xinjiang, but this is not the visit Uyghurs asked for.

It comes in the backdrop of widespread criticism of Bachelet’s six-day China visit, which concluded on Saturday, that it was “not an investigation” instead she spoke with “candour” in her meetings with the Chinese officials.

“The Chinese government continues to deny the UN an independent investigation,” Dilshat noted.
Speaking further he said the whole community is deeply disappointed with the behaviour of the UN and added that the Uyghurs do not need another propaganda show, they need enlightenment.

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