Protest against China over Uyghur oppression erupted in East Turkestan Day

Dhaka, Bangladesh:

To extend support to the cause of the people of East Turkestan/Uyghur Muslims and condemn China for its alleged inhuman activities, the people of Bangladesh organised (on November 12, East Turkestan Independence Day) protest demonstrations in different parts of the country, reported local media.

Muktijoddha Mancha organized a protest and a human chain against the persecution of Uyghur Muslims and the illegal occupation of East Turkestan.

Around 600 participants demonstrated on Saturday, showing solidarity for East Turkestan Independence Day, in front of the National Museum, Shahbag, Dhaka with banners and posters protesting against the Chinese killing and oppression of Uyghur Muslims, their religious persecution, forced labour and demanding the release of 1 million Uyghurs, including women, from Chinese jails.

They cautioned around 1000 onlookers not to trust China, which is trying to debt trap Bangladesh and continue Uyghur Muslim suppression. They also emailed a memorandum to the Chinese Embassy, reported local media.

The demonstrators explained to the public the Chinese expansionist attitude in Bangladesh, especially delaying and cost increase of Chinese projects (like the Dhaka-Kurigram 6-lane highway and Transmission line expansion of Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd), not employing any foreign skilled technicians in these projects, neglecting security precautions for labour employed in these projects and pushing Bangladesh towards a debt trap like Sri Lanka.

China continues to maintain double standards on minority issues, persecution of Uyghur Muslims and illegal occupation of East Turkestan. Uyghur/East Turkestan people are facing genocide as a result of the illegal occupation of East Turkestan. Restoring East Turkestan’s independence is the only way to end the Uyghur genocide.

Also, Bharat Bangladesh Sampreeti Sangsad (BBSS) Welfare Association, an NGO, organised a bicycle rally protesting in support of the demand for independence of East Turkestan. Students of different schools and colleges, journalists, leaders and activists of political parties took part in the demonstration. The bicycle rally started from Hatirjheel and ended at United Hospital via Gulshan-2.

The event was attended by journalists, prominent personalities and students.

Tawfiq Ahmed Tafsir, General Secretary of BBSS led the event and said that East Turkestan was never a part of China and condemned the Chinese actions and atrocities against minorities while addressing the gathering.

Protests were also organized in Narayanganj, Gazipur and Chittagong.

Jagroto Muslim Janata in Narayanganj condemned China for illegally occupying East Turkestan. Protesters carrying banners and placards organized a human chain and protest rally to support the cause of Uyghur Muslims.

They criticized China for its inhuman actions, mal-treatment of Uyghur minorities and continued occupation of East Turkestan. protesters urged the people of Bangladesh to support Uyghur Muslims and condemn china for its illegal activities, reported local media.

While in Gazipur, Sanchetan Nagarik Samaj organized a protest rally and human chain to condemn the illegal occupation of East Turkestan by China and extended support to the just demand of Uyghur Muslims. Protesters urged participants to spread awareness among the people of Bangladesh on the Uyghur issue and double standards being adopted by China, reported local media.

In Chittagong, Sacheton Nagorik Samaj, Nagorik Oikyo and Al-Ettehad Islamic Organisation Bangladeshi organised a motorcycle rally in Chittagong. About 150 protesters wearing Tee shirts and placards highlighting atrocities on Uyghur Muslims, Human rights violations by China etc., participated in the event.






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