China’s strategy to stop internet comments that criticise businesses: Why the change

The move by China to curb online remarks that target businesses is aimed at protecting the reputation of businesses and entrepreneurs, particularly private entities, and their brand image. The Cyberspace Administration of China has identified that false information and malicious online comments against private enterprises and private entrepreneurs have been appearing frequently, which has damaged their brand image and affected their normal production and operation. This has resulted in economic losses for these businesses.

By introducing new rules that crack down on such malicious online remarks, China aims to promote a “clean and healthy” online environment and ensure that online discourse does not harm the interests of businesses and entrepreneurs. However, some critics see this move as a way for the government to suppress free speech and silence dissent, as the definition of “malicious” remarks is vague and could be used to target anyone who criticizes the government or powerful companies. The impact of these rules on online platforms and the potential for increased censorship and monitoring of user behavior is also a concern.






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