China believes that the “Ukraine crisis” is caused by issues with security management in Europe.

The “Ukraine crisis” has been attributed by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to problems with security planning in Europe.
According to Ukrinform’s own reporter, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning expressed this viewpoint when commenting on the meetings of special envoy Li Hui in Berlin during a briefing.

“In essence, the ‘Ukraine crisis’ is an eruption of issues that have built up in the security management in Europe. The catastrophe might have been averted, but it has progressed to this point,” Mao remarked. She claims that China takes a stance on the dispute based on its own analysis and “based on the essence of the problem” and is steadfastly in favor of dialogue and peace.

“We have been and will continue to be dedicated to advancing peace talks. The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “We are prepared to cooperate with the international community to continue playing a constructive role in the quest for a peaceful solution of the “Ukraine problem.”

Li Hui, the Chinese government’s special envoy for Eurasia affairs, visited Berlin as part of his mission, as previously reported by Ukrinform, and there he spoke with Andreas Michaelis, the State Secretary of the German Foreign Ministry, about the prospects for a political resolution of the “Ukraine crisis.”

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