In the South China Sea, a Russian cruiser engages in anti-submarine exercises.

A Russian warship conducted an anti-submarine exercise in the South China Sea, the news agency Reuters reported on Monday (Jan 29) citing Russian media. After detecting a mock enemy submarine and confirming its coordinates, the Pacific Fleet frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov fired torpedoes and depth charges – anti-submarine warfare weapons.

Reuters reported that a detachment of Russian Pacific Fleet warships, including the Varyag cruiser, and the Marshal Shaposhnikov frigate were on a long-distance voyage which included the Asia-Pacific region.

The ships had left the port of Vladivostok last week.

In Oct last year, Russian Navy warships engaged in air defence exercises and practised locating simulated enemy submarines in the South China Sea. ‘

According to a report by the news agency TASS, the drills included critical maritime operations, including honing ship-based air defence techniques, executing simulated searches for adversary submarines, and fostering seamless cooperation with the proficient teams operating Ka-27 helicopters within the Pacific Fleet’s naval aviation division.

The report said that the Russian Navy had been executing essential missions within the Asia-Pacific region as an integral component of the fleet’s rigorous combat training programme.

Over the past several months, the Russian Navy has bolstered its presence in the Pacific region, often in collaboration with China.







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