China spread tracking servers in south China sea

China is having an eye on South China sea with underwater surveillance system. It has also spread the servers in international waters.  

Many of the radars are floating in Chinese water but some are in international waters. Associate Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House Bill Hayton told “Over the past few years, China has put in place a whole load of systems; satellite, radar, and underwater systems to try and observe what’s going on in the South China Sea.

“Obviously they built these seven new artificial islands on coral reefs in the Spratly Islands and that adds to other things they’ve built elsewhere.

“That gives them a pretty good view of what’s happening around them and even over the horizon.

“This allows them to send ships whether they be Navy or coastguard ships or militia to stop things they don’t like.

“For example, to stop other countries fishing or monitor warships from other countries passing through.”







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