China’s new foreign ship law aims to control transvers waters

Beijing: China is trying to expand its boundaries in sea as well. According to the Chinese legal demands, the foreign vessels coming to the traversing waters must provide detailed information to state and take a Chinese piolet aboard.

The new maritime law, which came into legal force on September 1, threatens to inflame South China Sea disputes pitting China and Southeast Asian nations and stoke already rising tensions with the United States in the contested waters, reports Asia Times.

Foreign vessels will be required to provide information including their ship names and numbers, recent locations, satellite telephone numbers and dangerous goods, according to the statement as quoted by Asia Times.

If their automatic identification systems do not work properly, they will need to report to China’s maritime authorities about their locations and speeds every two hours until they leave the country’s territorial waters, the statement said. 

China has been engaged in a bitter conflict with neighbours in recent times.

The country has already earned the anger of the world over the clinching evidence of the origin of coronavirus from its lab in Wuhan.







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