At the border: Chinese Soldiers Threw Stones at Vietnamese

Ha Giang, Vietnam: Chinese soldiers seen throwing stones on Vietnamese soldiers at the border, they were also abusing construction workers.

A video posted on the Twitter account of one Lee Ann Quann on January 3 shows Chinese soldiers throwing stones at Vietnamese construction workers and abusing the unarmed workers, in Ha Giang province of northern Vietnam, bordering China.

“The Chinese soldiers shouted and threw stones at the Vietnamese digging along the Vietnam-China border. Civilian workers guarded the riverbanks on the Vietnamese side to prevent erosion when the river water was tight”, wrote Lee Ann Quann in a caption on the video clip, reported The Hong Kong Post.

This comes at a time when Vietnamese agricultural exports to China have halted, Chinese ports are clogged and the Vietnamese trucks which have returned from border areas are selling their products at throwaway prices.

A popular blog in vernacular language, which is prohibited by the Vietnamese government for anti-China articles, published an article referencing the tweet and commemorating the 1979 China-Vietnam War on January 4.

The article pointed out that the Chinese side is trying to encroach on territory to the North, after signing an agreement on the demarcation of the land border in late 1999 on the China-Vietnam border. It also added that the people do not know the Chinese stand and are confused when the Chinese side acts like this on the China-Vietnam border, reported The HK Post.

British journalist Bill Hayton commented: “Obviously something is happening along the border between Vietnam and China. (Thousands) of trucks got stuck (at the border) and now this is happening to the world…”.

He also mentioned, “I guess the Chinese side is rehearsing for confrontation with shields”.

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