The 20 best easy dinner recipes – every one simple and delicious

Everyday dishes you will return to again and again. Asma Khan’s masala omelette, Emily Scott’s kedgeree, Claudia Roden’s pan-grilled fish. All of them are easy, every one delicious. Yasmin Khan’s lentils with preserved lemon, Yotam Ottolenghi’s cheesy spinach jacket potatoes, Mandy Yin’s anchovy rice, Nigel Slater’s citrus salad. Food for the work day, the weekend, for you, for friends and family. Store this issue safely. It is a keeper.

A foolproof curry that works every single time and one of the most delicious ways to cook chicken

A sort of north African take on a caesar salad with herb-laced tahini dressing and flatbread croutons

Roast chicken salad with croutons and green tahini dressing. Photograph: Kristin Perers

A dish that requires minimum preparation and can be served with toast – it couldn’t get any easier

Masala omelette. Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer

Add crispy chorizo for texture and fino sherry for deep flavour to sweet clams for a special yet simple supper

Clams with chorizo. Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer

A rich buttery sauce that takes minutes to prepare, after which the oven does all the work

Cumin butter tomato sauce for noodles. Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer

Potatoes, cabbage. eggs, cheese – store-cupboard essentials combined to make a British classic with an Italian twist

Savoy pancakes. Photograph: Romas Foord/The Observer

The parmesan filling works brilliantly with the sweetness of the squash – a light main or lunchbox dish

Pumpkin, ricotta and rosemary tart. Photograph: Jonathan Lovekin/The Observer

A soupy dish made with the Sardinian pasta, plus peas and bacon makes this a comforting midweek supper

Fregola with bacon and peas. Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer

A spicy Indian dish with borrowed flavours from Chinese cuisine, and minimal cooking time

Chilli paneer. Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer

You can use any leftover roast meat instead of the pork belly for this perfect midweek meal

Hsi jet khauk swe – garlic oil noodles. Photograph: Martin Poole

Salty, savoury and simplicity itself, this pasta dish will be a hit with Marmite lovers

Nigella Lawson’s spaghetti with Marmite Photograph: Lis Parsons

A crisp refreshing salad that contrasts perfectly with all the warming, carbs-n-cheese suppers of winter

Citrus and cashew nut salad. Photograph: Jonathan Lovekin/The Observer

This simple fish dish is fabulous, and for a quick store-cupboard side serve with white cannellini beans

Pan-grilled fish with garlic, vinegar and chilli. Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer

A creamy fish dish that works equally well as moreish hangover cure or weekend brunch

Kedgeree with leeks, spinach, herbs and creme fraiche. Photograph: Romas Foord/The Observer

A tasty pie that can be put together in no time, this will impress guests for a low-key midweek dinner

Quick chicken, leek and chorizo pie. Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer

A variation of the perennial favourite, fried rice, this is a take on nasi goreng kampung, or village fried rice

Anchovy fried rice. Photograph: Louise Hagger

Simple, quick and bursting with flavour, you’ll find most of this dish’s ingredients in your store cupboard

Butter beans, paprika and piquillo peppers. Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer

A hearty meal in itself, or a tasty side dish alongside a simple steak and fresh green salad

Spinach and gorgonzola-stuffed jacket potatoes. Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer

An unassuming but gorgeous dal, this is nourishing, cheap and comforting home cooking

Moong dal with a garlic and cumin tarka. Photograph: David Loftus

Inspired by a conversation with a Yemeni refugee in Lesbos, this flavoursome dish is satisfying and comforting

Lentils with preserved lemons and zhoug. Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer