Belgium: Activists Hold Protest Against China’s Anti-human Policy Ahead Of Winter Olympics

Nearly five days before the Winter Olympics scheduled to be held in China’s national capital, Bejing, protests were organised in Belgium on Saturday.

According to news agency ANI, protests was held at the historic Ijzertoren tower in Belgium, Diksmuide city against China’s human rights violations. During the rally, the protestors demanded the world community boycott the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

In the protest rally against the Communist government’s anti-human policy, a large number of community people congregated from several cities including, Brussels, Antwerp, and Mechelen. The protestors also displayed a protest flag and Tibetan Flag at Ijzertoren tower.

Meanwhile, several Uyghur rights groups and Tibetans also gathered in Diksmuide city to oppose China’s human rights violations.

“To raise awareness of Genocide games Beijing 2022 we co-organised the protest with Tibetan friends, gathered in Diksmuide, Belgium where thousands of soldiers sacrificed their lives for the peace during the World War 1,” said Belgium Uyghur Association in a tweet on Saturday.

Moreover, another group of at least 243 non-governmental organizations from around the world participated in a protest against the Chinese atrocities on minority communities, Human Rights Watch said on Saturday. Chinese authorities also continue to threaten members of diaspora communities, public figures, and companies beyond China’s borders through a sophisticated campaign of transnational repression, according to HRW.

“The spectacle of the Olympics cannot cover up genocide”

“It’s not possible for the Olympic Games to be a ‘force for good,’ as the International Olympic Committee claims, while the host government is committing grave crimes in violation of international law,” Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch said in a statement released on Friday.

Under President Xi Jinping, Chinese authorities have been committing mass abuses against Uyghurs, Tibetans, ethnic groups, and religious believers from all independent faith groups. They have eliminated independent civil society by persecuting human rights activists, feminists, lawyers, journalists, and others, noted the HRW group.

“The spectacle of the Olympics cannot cover up genocide. It’s hard to understand why anyone feels it’s even possible to celebrate international friendship and ‘Olympic values’ in Beijing this year,” asserted Omer Kanat, executive director of the Uyghur Human Rights Project.

Image: Twitter/East Turkistan Republican Party