China doubts on the high case clearance rates in Xinjiang

Beijing, China: The region’s High People’s Court was hailed as a model for concluding the greatest number of cases in 2021, the Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported. A 100 per cent resolution rate in current murder cases for six consecutive years was achieved by Xinjiang’s Public Security Bureau (PSB).
The China News Service said the region’s High People’s Court handled 17,600 cases related to people’s livelihoods last year.

“For six consecutive years, the police detection of number of homicides in Xinjiang has increased to 100%, with the number of homicides in Xinjiang falling to its lowest level in history, with the highest number of homicides detected in the history,” the report said.

The PSB has a mechanism of average people “collectively assisting the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region [XUAR] public security bureau’s criminal investigation team in investigating major cases,” it said.

According to the report, the PSB had implemented a “one file per case” standard, and through gathering complete past records of crimes, were able to find murderers from cases dating back 20 years.

The report said the provincial police have been using a “one tactic per person, one plan per person, one measure per person” system for detecting criminals by using advanced technology and information.

Such Chinese reports are unreliable because the Chinese police’s handling of cases is “completely obscure, according to US-based political analyst Ilshat Hassan Kokbore.

“We cannot just trust the numbers provided by the Chinese government in their reports,” he told RFA. “This is always the case because Chinese police statistics or figures are unreliable.”

“Second, they don’t disclose their records,” said Kokbore, who is also vice-chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Uyghur Congress. “They always keep it all the evidence undisclosed. No one can question the credibility of their findings or evidence. To sum up they detect their cases in the dark, not in the open.”






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