Pakistan Lawmaker Accuses Imran Khan Of Playing With National Interest After Losing Power

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan is “playing with Pakistan’s interests” to keep his “failed politics” alive, a top lawmaker has said. Addressing media reporters in Lahore, the country’s Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal accused the PTI leader of adopting a “childish behaviour” after losing power. In March, Khan faced a historic no-confidence motion following which he lost the Prime Mistrial position to Pakistan Muslim League’s Shehbaz Sharif. The PTI Chairman, has since then, been campaigning that h was ousted as a result of a “foreign back conspiracy”

However, on Sunday, Iqbal said that National Security Committee (NSC) twice dismissed the possibility of any foreign conspiracy. “Imran Niazi is playing with national interests to keep his politics alive,” he told Dawn newspaper. He further added that, “No politician has adopted such a childish behaviour after losing power.”

Continuing his attack on the former prime minister, Iqbal said that Khan had jeopardized Pakistan’s foreign policy. “We should save Pakistan from turning into Cuba or North Korea,” said the minister alleging that Khan’s rule took Pakistan towards isolation. As per the lawmaker, the PTI-led government made China upset during its tenure by saying that they had given “expensive loans to the country.” They also sabotaged the country’s relations with the European Union and “strained” its ties with the Gulf countries.

“Imran Khan damaged the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and tried to sabotage relations with Pakistan’s iron brother China,” Iqbal said on Sunday. “What has become of Pakistan’s image internationally after the world learned that the country’s prime minister was selling the items they gifted to him? You sold the respect of the nation in a market,” he added talking about Gulf countries.

‘Imported government’

Earlier this week, the ex-PM had warned that his supporters will topple the “imported government” on reaching the capital. Khan was speaking at a pro-Pakistan-Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) rally in Lahore after about 12 days of his government’s dismissal. “Those who have committed this mistake of ousting my government should rectify it by holding fresh elections without any delay,” Khan said in a veiled reference to Pakistan’s military establishment, PTI (news agency) quoted.

(Image: BetterPakistan/Twitter/AP)