China trying to whitewash its image for the world

Beijing :

Scholz came to China on a quick trip to plead for economic reconciliation between the two countries. After his visit, China issued a statement referring to Xi’s feelings that “the international community would be ‘crossing a line’ by resorting to nuclear force”.

In September, at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit, Xi Jinping met various countries’ leaders. That was his first visit abroad after the pandemic broke out. The visit showed the importance Xi gave to the Central Asian visits. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are China’s friendly neighbors, comprehensive strategic partners, and important members of the BRI, according to HKP.

This meeting is also known as the SDG Summit, which will be the second since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda.

Though China continues to implement the harsh policy, the communist party appears to have decided to relax rules to allow diplomatic visits to Beijing, reported HKP.

Steve Tsang, director of the University of London’s SOAS China Institute said that the Chinese President has made it clear that the big challenges China will face are a less conducive international environment and that is an area that China must contest, according to HKP citing CNN.

According to HKP citing a CNN report said that Xi’s foreign affairs priorities in the weeks and months ahead will likely continue to focus on shoring up relationships with friendly nations, experts say, as he “finds himself operating in a very different world from the last time he was playing regular host or attending summits like G20 or the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’ summit – both of which convene later this month and which he is expected to attend, though yet unconfirmed by Beijing”.

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