China Records Lowest Daily COVID-19 Death Toll in Months as Scotland Tightens Restrictions

China has reported its lowest daily COVID-19 death toll in months, with only five new deaths on Monday, February 13. The country’s National Health Commission also reported 245 new cases, the majority of which were in the northern provinces of Hebei and Jilin.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced tighter restrictions in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. From February 20, only essential businesses such as supermarkets and pharmacies will be allowed to open, and people will be advised to stay at home except for essential reasons. These measures will be in place until at least March 6.

Other parts of Asia are also experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases. South Korea reported 621 new cases on February 14, the highest daily total in several weeks, and Japan reported 1,157 new cases on the same day. In Hong Kong, authorities have also introduced new measures, including a ban on dining in restaurants after 6 p.m. Overall, the situation regarding COVID-19 in Asia remains fluid, with governments continuing to adjust their policies in response to the evolving situation.

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