Li Jiachao: The number of seats in the next district council is similar to this one, but it must conform to the principle of patriots governing Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao said on Tuesday (April 25) that the regional administrative review has entered the final stage, and the district councils will still be retained, leaving certain electoral elements, and the number of seats is similar to this term, but the composition must conform to the principle of patriots governing Hong Kong.

According to the “Sing Tao Daily” report, Li Jiachao said in a meeting with reporters before attending the executive meeting that as for whether he needs to be nominated for the election, it will be announced later.

Regarding local administration, Li Jiachao pointed out that since 2020, a large number of district councilors of the sixth district council have violated their functions. Some people endanger national security, advocate Hong Kong independence, oppose the national security law, and interfere with government governance. After a series of incidents, some people refused to take the oath and resigned under various pretexts. Some people were disqualified after the oath was invalid. At present, only one-third of the district councilors, that is, 146, are left.

Li Jiachao said that the government will not allow the District Council to become a platform for Hong Kong independence, violate the Basic Law, and interfere with social governance, and the society will not allow the District Council to be hijacked. It is necessary to prevent the recurrence of chaos from the system.

He emphasized that there are three principles for district councils. One is to put national security first, implement the principle of one country, two systems, and implement the constitutional requirements; second, fully implement the principle of patriots governing Hong Kong; and third, fully embody administrative leadership. Specifically, functions and composition should be depoliticized, the proper positioning of Article 97 of the Basic Law should be restored, and the regional governance structure should also be strengthened.

Li Jiachao said that the work has entered the final stage. In principle, the district councils are still worth retaining, but the method of formation must conform to the positioning in the Basic Law. District councils will retain certain electoral elements, the number of seats is similar to this term, and the remuneration can be considered to remain unchanged.






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