The Indian military retirees are quite upset with China for their provocative map claims in Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin.

In a new flare-up of tensions, China has released a new version of its map for the year 2023, which contains territorial claims over Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin, both of which are universally acknowledged as being inside India’s borders. Just days before India hosts the G20 Summit in New Delhi, a global gathering when countries assemble to address key global concerns, China has made a bold move.

Rapid and pointed responses to the distribution of this controversial map have increased scrutiny of China’s aggressive geopolitical methods. Indian military veterans have spoken out against this, saying that China is trying to undermine diplomatic efforts at the next summit in order to further its territorial claims.

According to Major General KK Sinha (ret. ), who spoke with Republic, “These are the cartographic designs of China.” Sinha is concerned about China’s strategic designs. This is fundamental to their overall approach… Tibet needs to be officially recognized by placing it on a global map. The United States will adopt the one-China policy and enter a state of strategic ambiguity if Taiwan invades. A one-China strategy is unacceptable. We signed the One China Policy when Rajeev Gandhi visited China. And then Vajpayee struck again.






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