China witnessing another COVID-19 outbreak in some provinces

Beijing, China: China has another COVIS-19 breakdown in the country. The authorities are trying to prevent the entering of personnel in capital city.

Beijing on Sunday reported five more confirmed infections and one silent carrier amid pressure from both external import and internal resurgences of COVID-19, English-language Chinese newspaper Global Times reported.

Six COVID-19 infections are related to recent flare-ups in other provinces, the report added.

Earlier today, the National Health Commission of China anticipated the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases that resurged in the country lately.

The state media reports said that the latest surge in the cases has been triggered by the Delta variant. Most of the infections that spread in nearly 11 provinces since October 17 have been found to be due to cross-region tourism activities.

Deputy Director of the NHC, Wu Liangyou said that the epidemiological investigations of the infections, discovered 106 out of 133 infections to be from tourism-related activities.

According to the newspaper, the official said that the increase in the number of cases is going to increase as the screening continues.

The official also urged the public to take the booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccines to reduce the risks of the resurgence of the cases, reported Global Times.

Meanwhile, Gansu, China’s Northwest province, has announced the suspension of all tourism activities after a surge in the COVID-19 cases in the region, reported local media.

All tourists in Lanzhou — where most COVID-19 cases in the province were reported — required to stay in wherever place they were and be quarantined, said Global Times.

Gansu registered — from October 18 to Saturday night — a total of 41 confirmed cases, of which 30 are from Lanzhou, seven from Zhangye, two from Jiayu Pass, one from Tianshui, and one from Longnan.

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