CCP to further control country’s media

Washington, US: Chinese government has released some more new plans which will further control the countries media.

China’s National Development and Reform Commission in early October released its “Negative Market Access List (2021 Edition),” which includes a new prohibition on “illegal news and media-related businesses”, reported Washington Times.

The list explicitly prohibits the use of non-public capital for the following purposes: to fund news gathering, editing and broadcasting; to invest in the establishment and operation of news organizations; or to operate the webpages, radio frequencies, television channels, newspaper columns, and social media accounts of news organizations, according to the publication.

It can be said that the Chinese Communist Party has left no stone unturned in its brazen censorship efforts, from big tech behemoths to the entertainment industry, and reaching far beyond China’s borders, the US outlet added.

With the launch of the new “Five Year Governance Plan” by President Xi Jinping’s Communist Party recently, Beijing has also renewed its crackdown season on the private sector.

Chinese Communist Party has significantly increased the censorship from technology giants to the entertainment business and far beyond its boundaries, according to global think tank Policy Research Group (POREG).

Under Xi Jinping’s rule, the authorisation era of the data available to the Chinese citizens in the past decade has tightened, the think tank added.
Even the communist regime has attempted to propagate its utopian narrative in Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, and–to some extent–in European and Latin American countries. Currently, at a time when CCP strictly controls the media in China, it aims eagerly to exploit the free press outside borders

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