Clash between Muslims and local police in Yunnan province

Tonghai County of Yuxi City in Yunnan province witnessed clashes between Muslims and police administration. The clash started in the morning of May 27, 2023 where local Muslims clashed violently with police leaving some of the people injured. The clash is believed to be the result of the likely plans of local administration to demolish Najiaying Mosque.

Though started with few people, the information regarding this demolition plans became viral on internet among local population, which resulted into joining of more people at the site and increased the scale of the clash.

After clashing violently with locals, armed police were forced to temporarily retreat from the mosque by local Muslims and they took over the control of the mosque. However, people are still sceptical regarding demolition plans of city government, therefore, guarding the above said mosque, day and night. They also fear that local administration as well as police might take its control again, which may lead to more clashes between Muslims and police.

Local Muslim population contend that they have been worshiping in the mosque since long time, however, local administration termed the mosque as unapproved illegal structure while referring to a 2019 administrative decision.

The police reportedly controlled the situation and no causality has been reported.







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